The Latest Update

The Latest Update

The Examplify app, a popular exam preparation tool, has released a major update for its Android and iOS versions. This update brings a host of new features, fixes and more to the app to help users better prepare for their exams. Here’s a look at the patch notes of the Examplify app update.

New Features

The Examplify app update brings a few new features to the table. Firstly, users can now create and share their own flashcards with the new flashcard creator. This feature allows users to create custom flashcards with their own text and images, and share them with friends and other users. The update also brings a new practice test feature. Using this feature, users can take practice tests to prepare for their upcoming exams. The practice tests are based on actual exam questions, giving users a realistic experience to help them better prepare for the actual exams.


This update also brings various bug fixes to the app. Most notably, the update addresses the issue of the app crashing on some devices. Additionally, some minor UI issues have also been fixed with this update.

Other Changes

The Examplify app update also brings some other changes to the app. The UI of the app has been tweaked to make it easier to navigate. Additionally, the app now has a dark theme option which can be enabled from the settings.


Overall, the Examplify app update brings a host of new features, bug fixes and other changes to help users better prepare for their upcoming exams. This update is available now on both Android and iOS devices, so make sure to update your Examplify app to take advantage of all the new features.

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